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approach the north bay;;kp untl noon time. it will take its sweet time, shifting south. 5:00 p.m. could start to pick up rain along the coastline. that is the evening commute. next system going to be a slow moving storm, drenching the bay area, i'll be back with a look at the rainfall as we hit the weekend. >> when weather gets bad, the santa cruz mountains bare the brunt of the storm. >> you can see traffic here moving nicely behind me at the summit. anyone on highway 17 knows this can be a trouble spot. mountains here in general. mé look at video. this is why. this is what it looked like this morning. the fog so thick it was hard to make out the cars on the road. even when they had headlights on. add rain to that fix.
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chp doing traffic breaks for escorts to keep the traffic moving in a nice, slow pace. there already also a couple minor accidents late this afternoon. and in these kinds of conditions you can expect extra enforcement. ññ is just like tomorrow and the next day. you'll see us, definitely out in force. >> you have a branch, i heard a crack back there. i am sure something else has come down. as long as it doesn'tfgká hurt anyone, it's a good thing. it does cause issues. >> and this time it was a power line across highway 9. it had been brought down by a falling tree. highway 9 is the main artery throughout the valley. traffic backed up for miles in both directions. the fire department did take
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advantage of an empty business which had a parking lot and may yut rise that to allow alternating one way flow of traffic. it was quite a mess. as you might imagine that, downed power line created problems for businesses in the area. we'll have that coming up in just one hour. reporting live on highway 17th. >> residents are helping the city weather storm drains in the neighborhood. it's part of an adopt a thought program. keeping storm drains clear of debris helps the city focus on critical storm-related problems such as downed trees. one volunteer says she got involved because drains in the neighborhood were in bad shape. >> they need to be cleaned. and people are just dumping trash here, they're just flowing to the side. >> we had to get involved.
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in harin county this is what it looked like at mount tamalpais this morning just before noon. you can see strong winds, and plenty of rain. abc 7 news continues a storm coverage live in mill valley tonight. >> i will tell you it's coming down hard, dan. it was very windy as well. of course, ground right now is saturated and that is not a good thing given the fact there are more storms approaching. falling leaves block this storm drain. a crew working in heavy rains to clear it this, is a a.voided major flooding in an area known for heavy traffic. the high tides came around 10:00 flooding the park and ride lot in mill valley. signs warned drivers of other flooded areas. this one hit the area hard
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with strong winds. the small shrubs and trees outside of the home depot took a pounding it rain rained throughout the night. >> crews from public works department will be working around the clock. more storms are expected to come in. >> now, the ground is soaked, wire worried about whether or not hillsides are going to hold up, with the trees. as a matter of fact, trees are going to be ouri1uí]$8¢$p3olems. >> the creeks are also starting to rise. downtown san anselmo flooded before, causing major damage to businesses. many now have flood gates locking in place to keep water out. >> we have water up to here. seven years ago, i think it was. you know? and we don't want to go through that again. it hurts store autos this depends on how it comes. this is a pineapple express and this is just the beginning. who knows? >> who knows.
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the department telling residents that they can call that department any time if they for see problems. you can go online reaching them that way. as i said before they're working around the clock. >> taking advantage of the break, thank you very much. storm links flight delays up to 90 minutes being reported at san francisco international airport now. heavy winds, rain and visibility slowed air traffic in and out early today. again, 90 minute delays to that. 73 flights cancelled by 10:00 in the morning. travelers seemed to just handle it, taking it in stride. >> i'm happy now because delay not as bad as i thought we might encounter. it's a long flight. we're told we're going to arrive on time. i'm more worried about safety than time. i give more time on both ends. >> for delays on your travel plans, check out the flight tracker on the front page of our web site right there for
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you. abc 7 >> public works department shut down the great highway today, wind flowing -- blowing sand across the road made driving too treacherous. >> power back on for a thousand people today. >> the coast pounded this morning by winds and rain. we have more from pacifica. >> big flash of light there. is no power. so yae. you heard a boom. that is about it. >> he was working in his glass shop. an insulateor blew, leaving more than 1100 customer was out power, and the interseks blocked off. >> i knew ways in trouble. >> richard holmes finds him snefl a dangerous electrical situation. around 5:00 to a power surge. >> i went back to the master bedroom where i had just gotten up. and there were flames coming out of thefñ
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>> there skaum before the storm. >> doing anything differently? >> no. >> two warnings. one from pg&e. never touch a downed power line. call the power company. from coast guard, really just avoid the beaches and the water today. in pacifica, abc 7 news.
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>> well, catch- -- california emergency management agency reminds us now is a time to make sure you're ready for the disaster. >> make sure you have anim+ax emergency kit stocked withvaxe items including radios, flashlights, extra batteries and food, water for everyone in the family. >> as well as a can opener that could come in handy. >> stock your emergency kit and developing an emergency plan, plans posted on our web site. just go to abc 7 >> breaking news in the east bay two. crushed cars fell off a big rig, on to interstate 880 near marina boulevard. those cars being carried to a recycling center creating as you can see here a huge mess for drivers. three of the four northbound lanes going towards oakland closed. crews worked to clear the roadway and all four lanes shut douchblt crews put those crushed cars on the tow
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trucks. chp getting ready to open all 880 lanes anymore now from what we understand. traffic will be backed up of course,tl!óhroughout the evening commute near san leandro. >> a teenager suspected in a deadly crime spree appeared in court today. the 15-year-old did not enter a plea. prosecutors say november 16th he took part in four robberies killed a person during a car jacking attempt and injured an officer in a shootout. he is too young to qualify for the death penalty. a second suspect could face the death penaar if prosecutors decide to pursue it. >> oakland's murder rate is soaring with 115 so far this year. >> latest victims two teen-aged girls killed over the weekend. the mother of one of the victims spoke for the first time today. >> abc 7 news reporter nick smith has the story now. >> police asking anyone with information into the violent shooting death two of
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teen-aged girls killed on sunday contact them immediately. 16-year-old bobby and her best friend 15-year-old raquel gunned down in east oakland just off high street. witnesses say it was here in, the 2600 block that the girls were standing a car came up the street, opening fire. an eye witness who came to the aid of the girlsi@=y says bobby was hit first, bullets piercing her face and back, she was lying here, unresponsive, raquel, he says was shot, but still breathing when police arrived. az mother is beside herself with grief. >> she knows how much i love her. if there is anything i can do, boy do it. >> police only saying this is an active investigation. but confirm multiple shots were fired. bullet holes could be found in a car parked at the scene and in the frame of this house. today more from the mother of bobby and a friend of raquel.
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>> a school grounds keeper being called a hero after pulling a puppy and two women from a burning motor home in san jose. the fire started in the vehicle. it was parked outside of a home this morning. the man who wants to remain anonymous ran inside, woke up sleeping women and found a puppy inside. he brought the animal outside. the women treated at the hospital. investigators believe this fire started accidentally. >> yesterday, we had a school bus driver rescuing a child. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 another celebrity baby. which fashion star making breaking out maternity wear again? >> locker room comments. what he is saying about his starting quarterback decision. >> another sports to talk about. nhl lockout cancelled games. now the first refund is going out. but it mate not be good news for fans. we'll explain. >> michael finney taking your questions on twitter, facebook ask will answer them live
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later, you can contact michael on finney abc 7. >> and sky 7 hd is live right now over breaking news in oakland. in park street, there has been a police chase and a crash. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues right here in just a moment.
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niners coach made it official today collin cappernick led the niners to victory last
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weekend over the saints. as alex smith watched from the side lines. smith suffered a concussion three games ago. harbaugh says he feels fortunate to have had two go to guys. >> exciting. >> are you surprised by the decision? >> just happy to be out there. >> two guy that's deserve it that have entered over a long period of time. over the last three games. >> usually players don't use the decision because of injury. >> san jose sharks ticket holders getting a body check. national hockey league is in a lockout. so far, 16 regular season games intrn cancelled. holders have paid about 70%. but first refund checks will be just 89s skpdz won't be in mailbox twoz weeks. sharks giving refunds only on
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a month by month basis just in case a labor agreement is reached and games get back on track. >> yahoo martha myer has her eye on expansion. >> yes. hi, nicole. >> good afternoon. yae. it's been a tough run for groupon. let's start there. in it's first year as a public company, we're now learning that the board will consider whether to replace andrew mason tomorrow. the business has struggled of course to generate sources of revenue as demand for daily traditional deals slides. yahoo ceo marisa myer paying a visit to the white house, one of a number of ceos meeting with the president to talk about ways the country can avoid calm coming to a fiscal cliff. this just hours after she spoke at a women's dinner here is what she had to say.
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>> we need to grow our mobile expertise really quickly. one of the things we concluded is that yes, we need to hire one by one, won't it be great if we got shrugs of people that were a team, already knew how to work together? so we've been looking at aqua hires, we've done our first one. >> in addition, myer says yahoo will possibly look to partnership was other companies. more bad news on the hewlett-packard front. deals with the falout with autonomy write down, moody's cut the ratings today, three level as above junction status. moody's says it's worried about hp ability to compete as well as numerous execution challenges. and apple is winning in the netherland. a dutch court banned sale of some gal yachlsy product that's allegedly infringe on the apple photo navigation
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patents. the ban only applying to older products that don't run on updated photo galleries but samsung still going to have to pay apple $129,000 for every day it violates the ruling. a check in on how stocks are trading today. bloomberg index closing higher as well. solar energy companies solar city is about to test ipo waters. 10 million shares will be sold. the stock expected to price on december 11th. solar city makes roof top solar panel systems. chaired by elirusk. larry -- carolyn and dan, excuse me guys, back to you. >> pleased to fill in today, thank you very much. >> we want to show you some pictures taken by one viewer. this is sue from fremont snapping this one during down
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pour around noon today. >> we'd like to share your weather pictures or video with viewers. you can share them with us we'd love to get shots on the air and out to some viewer autos this is sort of the first of several storms coming through today. >> yes. more is coming. >> absolutely. this moves through quickly. next two, not so fast moving meaning we're going to get soaked. outside picture now from our camera, we're looking at san francisco. clouds still lingering. we still have more wet weather in the forecast. let's check out live doppler 7 right now. and some enjoying sun, yontville light to moderate rainfall. and you can see it's a light rain now. but will pick up as next storm
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arrives. this switched over to the snow. lake ta he reporting rain now. winter weather advisory going until 10:00 p.m. tonight. high snow levels not expecting a lot of snow with this. two inches in sonoma county. 2300 in oakland. san jose, 1600. head out towards livermore, just under a half inch of rain. santa cruz mountain morz than an inch of rain. height of the storm, wind gusts up to 75 miles per hour. over hill stops. -- tops you can see san jose, 43 miles per hour wind gusts. so still delays being reported. heavy rain spreads south we have a system coming in here saturday afternoon with wide spread winds and rain, sunday morning does not look good.
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so could see showers tonight but not until tomorrow watching next storm, 5:00 a.m. showers north of santa rosa. morning commute looks just fine. noon time, stim, rain line is north this, is a slow moving system. by evening, it will start to spread south. we'll see pockets of rain at times with this system. we'll see higher rainfall totals here, it kins heading into saturday. and beyond saturday. saturday afternoon going through sunday. up to eight inches north bay mountains up to four inches and one to two across the bay area. flood watch for lake county. we're looking at flood watch throughout the weekend. we'll likely see urban and small stream flooding. coastal flood advisory.
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we're looking at skis building. watch out for waives, temperatures mainly moo 60s, taking a look at the accu-weather forecast, wet, windy chance of thunder friday. saturday afternoon, sunday morning looking like the worst of the weekend storms. there is a flooding concern as we hit the weekend. >> thank you. >> coming up here next, a teen-agedded actor changing his tune after trashing his show. what he says may have caused his trash talking. >> plus, how you can win a date with america's favorite golden girl. >> mid week traffic. headlights coming towards you are pret pretty slow.
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interesting. an apology from one of the stars of "two and a half men". actor angus jones appeared on a religious web site saying the show was quite qoet, filth, urging people not to watch the show, jones has become a born again christian saying the more he explores his religion the less he wants to be on the show. today, jones issued a statement saying he did not mean disrespect to colleagues or to the opportunities that
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he's had. another born again christine actor steven baldwin defended jones on good morning america. >> is it possible to be successful in hollywood and be an outspoken christian? >> doesn't seem like it. does it? >> steven baldwin claims he has been denied roles because of his beliefs. jones character will not be in remaining shows to be taped. >> fans of betty white can go on ebay and bid for a date with the 90-year-old actress, all proceeds will benefit prevention of cruelty to animals. the winner will be able to bring along three guests to the dinner. >> that is priceless. >> yes. >> she's a he delightful person. >> a new star is taking home mirror ball trophy. >> one of the most-beloved characters is making her final rounds. >> yes. explaining in today's on the red carpet report. >> jessica simpson could soon be warming up for a double dose of lull buys.
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the 32-year-old and her fiancee expecting a second child seven months after giving birth to their daughter maxwell. and melissa ryekroft and her partner won "dancing with the stars" last night. >> no. it's oh my god. it's so cool. and so unexpected. and you know, this is from them. >>rykroft saying she likely won't do another season of dancing. >> private practices kate walsh with a fitting end to the show. >> it's bittersweet but i'm ready. she's written an incredible season and i can't wait.
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>> final six episodes beginning thursday night on abc. it's another star strapping on the bat suit. find out now on >> coming up meeting face-to-face for the first time. a san francisco man is accused of practicing medicine without a license, today, he meets the person he was impersonating in court. >> president obama turns to social media and business people part of a push to avoid so called fiscal cliff. >> and later, where the toxic chemicals are likely to be found in your house.
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san francisco man accused of impersonating a physician assistant is in court today. >> he came face-to-face for the first time with the man he was pretending to be. it's a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> the more you learn about the story, the more bizarre it becomes. this was the second full day of the preliminary hearing and so far, five women have testified. they claimed they were abused, now, they've testified in person or through their investigators.
4:32 pm
today, in court, a bizarre encounter. this is a man prosecutors say is carlos guzman, qharjd counts including sex crimes and practicing medicine without a license. >> you never met this man? >> never. never. >> never heard of him? >> no. never. >> this is the real physician's assistant. authorities say the suspect's real name is close to his. carlos guzman garza. guzman came to court facing the man who stole his identity for the first time. he told us it was just, well, strange. >> this is disbelief. >> prosecutors say she performed cosmetic surgery from a small office in this mission district building.
4:33 pm
and the procedures have been ghastly. prosecutors say he was smoking a cigar, performing liposuction on a patient. >> he had her holding the iv, then, he striked it somewhat fatty tissue he handed it over to her. >> the district attorney says he flushed six pounds of her fat tissue down her toil yismt he told us about another woman. >> we had another case there was an individual that was having some performance around the eyes to make it younger, he took a needle, into the eye and into the forhead. >> he says that woman got an infection. >> she came back to try to get help. and he was actually helping her seal the wound with tissue
4:34 pm
paper and glue. >> and guzman garza being held on a million dollars bail. and in case you're wondering what his defense will be, we'll have the lawyer at 6:00, so stick around. vic lee abc 7 news. >> president obama gave an endorsement to his apparent top candidate to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. during a cabinet meeting the president called un ambassador rice extraordinary saying he could not be more proud of her work. she's come under fire from g.o.p. for her comments on talk shows regarding deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi and libya. initially said waits the work of a mob protesting antimuslim trailer. it turned out to be a planned terrorist attack. >> i would just ask the president to step back from just a moment and realize that all of us, here, hold the secretary of state to a very different standard than most
4:35 pm
cabinet member autos that was senator bob corker. the president has not yet nominated rice for the position but most insiders expect him to do so soon. >> in the meantime, the president met with middle class americans raising concerns about taxes going up at the end of the year. both republicans and democrats agree that had no one wants the country to go over the so called fiscal cliff. but what are they doing about it? >> at the top of the wish list, a deal to a voice sending the economy over the fiscal cliff. >> my hope is to get this done before christmas. >> today, the president joined by middle income earners reaching out to the administration about keeping taxes low. >> if congress does nothing, every family in america will see their taxes go up at the beginning of next year. >> the white house is urging americans to use social media
4:36 pm
to push congress to act. keying in on $2000 tax increase going into affect next year for the average family of four. >> what is that again? my two? k. tweet use, my 2 k or e mail. post it on member of congress's facebook wall. do what it takes to communicate a sense of urgency. >> they may not agree on details but house speaker john boehner and house minority leader agree on one thing. failure is not on the table. >> going over fiscal cliff will hurt our economy. >> boehner said republicans are committed to a compromise. >> rinz are willing to put revenue on the table. >> so hard ball politics were left to house majority leador eric cantor complaining the white house hasn't come to the table with concession autos we have not seen any good faith efforts on the part of this administration to talk about the real problem. we're trying to fix.
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tomorrow, round two. abc news, washington. >> president ob dwraum -- obama will meet for a private lunch with mitt romney. the president promised to meet with his rival and that he would consider romney's ideas. romney commented he believed the president won because of so called gifts he gave to hispanics, blacks and young voters. we'll see how the meeting go autos one thing you can do to give your cholesterol lowering drugs a boost. >> a woman finds success on the internet spoofing popular videos and how she's using the start up to give back. >> i'm michael finney. today 7 on your side q and a is just ahead. so you can contact me right now on and over on twitt
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twitter. >> i'm sandhya patel from our camera you can see the sun. we're in between storms. two more storms coming as we head towards the weekend, flooding concerns and details coming up. >> and update on breaking news. sky 7 hd live over interstate 880. you can see the back up here on northbound 88 owe is immense. this is a scene of two crushed cars. they fell off a truck this afternoon and have been moved from the roadway. but no let up yet in the traffic. stay with us. abc news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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a texas woman who spoofed popular music videos is using her success to give back to the community. her version of the song "boyfriend" has gone viral. in just five months she's picked up hundreds of thousands of fans on facebook and twitter. the 21-year-old now using this platt form to help others asking fans to donate money if she performed dares and she gave this $22,000 check to a local charity helping children with autism. >> that to be crazy with videos i've done. i don't think it's something like this. it makes it worth it and makes
4:42 pm
me feel like i'm doing it for the right thing autos she says she's made enough money off advertisements, she's been able to quit her day job in a packing center. >> impressive. >> no kidding. >> and an idea. one down, two more to go. >> yes. another look at live doppler 7 hd. >> yes. checking out where it's raining now. it's still our own radar checking out showers here, around knoxville road we're seeing rainfall northeast. some moderate rain coming down at this hour. looking here we have another storm coming in here. it will arrive mid day, then a third system coming through here. a wind advisory has been posted. it's starting at 4:00 p.m. thursday running until 1:00 p.m. friday. lake county, once again, winds expected to pick up out of the
4:43 pm
southeast 45 miles per hour could see power outages as well. one concern that we have in sterms of -- terms of flooding is the russian river. flood stage is 21 feet. just over a foot. so mendocino county expected to see major rise on the river there. sunday at 11:00 a.m. approaching close to 20 feet, just below flood stage. we'll keep an eye on that river. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon, you can see rain focused in the north bay, mid-50s mid-60s. as we head into your friday, so some wet weather coming. you can see thunder here. >> thank you. >> and we have more weather pictures. this picture showing the leaves calling, wind blowing and a rainbow. >> we'd like to see your weather pictures or video as
4:44 pm
well, you can e mail photos to us. or share them with us on our facebook page. >> we get great picture autos yes. >> still head at 4:00 a new study links a popular heart drug to death. >> toxic chemicals in the home. a study on where you'll likely find highest level autos take a look at this, animals on the loose. we'll show it to you. in just a moment how zebra and a pony end up on the streets of new york city. >> is it illegal to advertise a job that pays less than minimum wage? the answer
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checking healthy living news a study out today says that sofa in the living room likely holds toxic chemicals. uc researchers found 85% contained potentially toxic flame retardants that have been tied to serious health problems but america council says it saves lives by
4:48 pm
preventing fires from spreading. the study appears in environmental science and tech following journal. >> a drug commonly prescribed to control heart rhythm could prove fatal. a study suggests it increases the risk of death fr patients, it occurs when upper chambers contract chaoticly. a study says people who took it for six months had a 61% of dying. >> it seems a study find both on their own reduce chances of people with high cholesterol from die bug together had a rater affect. researchers say exercise can be moderate such as a brisk walk, just 30 minutes per day. >> first lady hosted military families and children to help decorate the white house for christmas part of the joining
4:49 pm
forces campaign connecting veteran with resources to help them find jobs. the first lady announced the theme is joy to all. and talked about the tree dedicated to the military. >> it's a special joining forces tree. it's covered. with hand decorated ornaments made by children living in u.s. bases around the world. we have spent months and months gathering beautiful ornaments. and the first lady says there are 54 trees and many need a child's touch. >> how nice. >> michael finney is here now and answers questions and this first one comes to us from ross h saying i was required to show my receipt and my bag was searched is it legal for a store to do this without probable cause? >> isn't that interesting? they do that now. it's like you, now, get here. can they do that?
4:50 pm
do you not have to legally show what you is in the bag. they can ask all they want. you don't have to show them. unless it's costco. they have in their agreement and you've said it will let you. costco you zront a choice. anywhere else, you can tell them no. the problem is that they're going to call police there because they're going to think you're ripping them off. police don't know laws. just show it to them, walk out. >> be done with it. >> yes. >> robin asked a good question. now that everybody is shopping i bought a purse from a thrift store thinking waits real but it's counterfeit. >> you thought you got a score there? that is a bummer. it's legal for them to do it. as long as they didn't know it was a fake. and they probably didn't. i would just go back and return it that. is the best thing you can do. if they knew it was a fake, then just like anyone else, you're not atloud do that. so if you know it's fake, no go.
4:51 pm
>> louis wants to know is it legal to advertise a job that is less than minimum wage? i see nanny jobs paying p an hour. >> do you believe that? i'm glad you gave me an opportunity to talk about this. minimum wage is not required for everyone. let me tell you who doesn't get it. domestic workers. parents, children of workers of employers i believe i've got a graphic for this. apprentices could not have to be paid. neither do sales reps. so there is a minimum wage, but not everybody does it apply to, and by the way there are 15 categories that are not guaranteed. >> $3 an hour seems ridiculous. >> they're giving you a place to live, it's -- a lot of irish nannies, they'll get a card, food, a place to live. and still, $3 an hour? come on. >> yes. thank you. >> sure. >> still head here on abc 7
4:52 pm
news at 4:00 getting lottery fever. the power ball jackpot just keeps getting bigger and bigger. >> and animals on the run. take a look at this bizarre case in new york city. a debroo and pony made it out to mean streets. >> i'm cheryl jennings. coming up at 5:00 a school worker rescues someone from a fire. this could have claimed two lives and a puppy. marisa myer weighs in on her life and how it is different than people
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power ball size soared. tens of thousands people lined up for a shot of what is believed to be $550 million and growing in payouts. tickets selling at 130,000 per
4:56 pm
minute. not here in california. the game is of course not played. the power ball rolled over 16 times without a winner. lottery officials say there is a 75% chance of a winning ticket this go around. tickets will be drawn tonight. >> going to bahamas. >> that is the one. see you there. >> i've got 17 charities first. they come first. then,, i want to buy a house. >> lots of dreams there. >> about as unlikely as winning is a pony and zebra roaming streets of new york city. they escaped from a petting zoo on staten island after surprising people in a parking lot. the pair were corralled into this backyard. and rounded up. and then, returned to owners. that does it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00. and raider nation?
4:57 pm
we invite to you e mail your photos to you report at we'll post those photos on abc 7 and showing them on air, during raiders day on abc 7, that is december 6th, when we'll be broadcasting raiders game live from the coliseum, at 5:00 p.m. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. another good samaritan jumps through flames to save two women in the south bay and their puppy. how this played out. >> i'm sanlda patel. one down, two more storms still to go. those storms raising concerns. i'll have details coming up. >> lgs here yahoo ceo opens up about having a baby. how it's different than advice she received. >> steady dose of rain hit the
4:58 pm
movement. this is the scene tonight the sky has dried up but not for long. >> marin county high tide with rain created a small river through the park and ride off highway 101. it's an area that is prone to flooding. >> ground saturated just enough to topple this tree on to a power line. the street is still closed at this hour. >> a live picture from our camera, beautiful shot. the skies are showing you weather conditions now. calm and pleasant. you can say it's the calm before the next storm. it's coming. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> we have live team coverage from north bay to mountains. one of the first in a series of storms today. sandhya? >> let's check out live doppler 7 hd. it's still watching for
4:59 pm
showers right now around knoxville road. light rainfall could be moderate in pockets at this hour, just sitting there. the brurnt of the storm shifted to the east. it's winding down. as we take a look, you'll see them. this next one due in here tomorrow. around mid day. and the third system coming in saturday afternoon going into sunday. let's check out a closer view of the next storm. tomorrow morning 5:00 a.m. you can see just light showers. santa rosa area. as day goes on, rainfall will start to pick up. and it will be steadiest around the north bay at noon time. still, not much showing up until later into the evening. when the rain begins to move down towards the coastline. we'll see some heavier rain developing. into thursday night into friday. with the next storm, saturday afternoon, going into sunday, these two storms will combine for a possible flooding
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